Early Connections West Side Director Selected as an Aftershool Ambassador

Stephanie King, Director of Early Connections West Side, was selected as an Afterschool Ambassador by the Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool Youth
Development Network (PSAYDN). In collaboration with the Education Policy and
Leadership Center, 15 individuals were selected from across Pennsylvania to build relationships with their federal, state house and/or senate members in Harrisburg and Washington, and offer policymaker engagement strategies that will allow them to build their elected officials’ understanding of the importance of afterschool in their community.

Stephanie attended a training in Harrisburg which focused on policymaker engagement and media in February 2015. This training was designed to increase Ambassadors’ skills in:

  • Understanding the legislative process,
  • Engaging policymakers, and
  • Facilitating interaction with elected officials.

The media focus will help Ambassadors engage their local media to shine a light on the benefits of afterschool programs in the community.

One thought on “Early Connections West Side Director Selected as an Aftershool Ambassador

  1. Great Job Stephanie! You always have the children’s best interest in mind and ensure your team all works together to provide the best support to fill the children’s needs! You have a Great staff team that shares your same passion for teaching children and helping them grow!

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