“I know they have my children’s best interest at heart.”

“I feel safe dropping my kids off to Early Connections. I know they have my children’s best interest at heart. Any concerns I have had with my children’s healthy development Early Connections City Center used their resources to help, making it their concern as well. I will forever recommend this daycare!.”

Thank you,
Amanda E.

“They come home tired and full of stories of what they’ve learned”

“I have 2 kids who attend Early Connections. My kids cannot wait to go to school in the morning, which is a big compliment to this center. They come home tired and full of stories of what they’ve learned. The center has numerous qualified teachers who genuinely care for my children. The administration is well organized and friendly. They are truly a 4/4 Star center.

– Mrs. S.

“My son has attended Early Connections in Union City since Preschool. I still remember the


first time I met the staff at the carnival before school started. Everyone was so welcoming and wonderful. My son’s first day of preschool was hard for both him and I. He cried when I told him I had to leave and the staff at Early Connections assured me that everything was going to be ok and that he would adjust. My son is now entering 2nd grade this year and is attending the after school program at the center and he loves it. I could not ask for a better childcare program to care for my son, he loves all of his friends at the center and all of the teachers and staff.”

– Kim G.

Caring, Nurturing Staff – I Will Always Remain Grateful

Gabby started Early Connections in the fall of 2012. At that time and for the next 2 years she experienced significant life events. Her ‘constant’ was her regular attendance at EC – she never refused to attend ‘school’. She received support, redirection, modeled positive social skills and much more from a caring, nurturing staff.

I will always remain grateful to Miss Courtney, Miss Maggie, all of Gabby’s teachers, the cooks and engineers that Gabby would greet by name in the early morning hours and pick-up times. Thank you all!