Tips on How to Choose a Quality Child Care Program for Your Child

Children’s healthy development depends on safe and positive experiences during the first few years of life. The quality of child care has a direct impact on your child’s ability to learn, to build healthy relationships and become the best he or she can be. If you are a parent who works during these early years, choosing a child care program for your child is often a difficult and confusing process.

Fortunately there are resources to help you choose the child care program best suited to your family’s needs. Erie  County’s Child  Care and Information Services Agency (CCIS) can help you find a program that meets your needs. You can contact the local CCIS office at 814-451-6580 for more information.  The following informational brochures provide tips and a check list of what to look for when choosing a child care program program for your child.

A Parent Guide- Steps to Selecting a Child Care Program

A Parent’s Guide to Choosing Quality Child Care

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