Thank you to Kathy Iorio and Mike Visnosky! – Kusa’s Big Surprise

Today our children received an early Valentine gift, courtesy of Kathy Iorio through our Board Director, Mike Visnosky. Kusa’s Big Surprise is a thoughtful book which promotes the development of self confidence and teaches the lesson that even simple acts of kindness can mean a lot. Kusa’s message is one of love, self-respect, and selflessness. The 15 copies will be distributed throughout the EC community. Kathy has been active in improving children’s lives in Erie for many years. Her focus was on children’s health and fitness through wellness programs designed for elementary school age students. Kusa is her first attempt at writing and she didn’t miss the target of helping children learning to be self-confident individuals. We understand that Kusa is available on Amazon and that a sequel will be available soon. Thanks to Kathy and Mike for thinking of Early Connections!

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