What/Who is LEARN

What happened to LEARN Teams?
Erie County’s LEARN team was a group of people within the community who engaged in and were committed to promoting and educating the public about the benefits of quality early childhood and school-age care and education. LEARN teams existed across Pennsylvania to communicate with and engage families in the early education of their children, support transition into early learning or school-age settings, and act as a resource on early learning in the community. Pennsylvania’s recent budget did not include funding for LEARN; as a result, across our state, dedicated people are seeking ways to continue the work of LEARN.

United Way of Erie County’s Success By 6 Initiative was Erie County’s LEARN Team. In spite of the loss of funding, Success By 6 continues its dedication to quality early care and education and forges ahead with community outreach, committee work, and effective transition of young children from home to school, or early care to school. Success By 6 continues to fulfill the roles of LEARN:

  • Convene
  • Outreach
  • Facilitate
  • Distribute

Who is Involved

  • Parents
  • Professionals
  • Caregivers
  • Schools
  • Volunteers
  • You

Join Us!

Success By 6 welcomes all interested individuals or groups to become involved in our efforts to increase public awareness of the importance of quality early education and of the link between early learning experiences and school readiness.

There are many ways you can help us in our efforts on behalf of Erie County’s young children: join one of our Success By 6 committees or School Transition Teams, share your organization’s resources and expertise, assist at a fair or other community outreach event, tell your story by writing or visiting local legislators, writing a letter to the editor, or posting your story on the PA Promise for Children website.

For more information on Erie County’s Success By 6 committees, please contact Kimberly Beers by calling 814-874-0144 extension 15.