Success By 6 – Areas of Emphasis

The purpose of Success By 6 of Erie County is to create communities and systems that support young children, their early learning, and their families. To do this, Success By 6 collaborates with several partners to address key topics, or Areas of Emphasis, that impact a child’s ability to learn. The following are the five Areas of Emphasis in Erie County:

  • Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Children’s Health Care
  • Children’s Mental Health Children’s Education (with 4 subcomponents)
  • Child Care Directors
  • Home-based Providers
  • Parent Education and Community Awareness
  • School Transition

Each Area of Emphasis has a committee who is dedicated to understanding issues relating to the focus area and works to improve the system in which it exists. Along side of these committees is a Leadership Cabinet which is comprised of community leaders from a variety of sectors who work to increase awareness about the importance of early care and education and Success By 6 initiatives.

Each Success By 6 Committee is a neutral collaboration of agencies, partners, and community members who all work for the good of children. Each committee has regular meetings that are open for anyone interested to attend. For more information about meeting times and committee participation, contact Success By 6 at (814) 874-0144, x15. The following provides a brief update on each committee’s significant accomplishments for the past year.