School Transition

The Transition Committee, established in 2002, has designed a transition packet containing information for parents on the transition of their child into Kindergarten and forms for both parents and pre-Kindergarten teachers to record information to be used by elementary schools. From the pilot year of 2002 when 250 packets were distributed to the 4th year when the program had grown to a distribution of 850 packets and participation by 13 of 14 school districts, the transition packets seemed to be meeting a previously unmet need. At the same time Success By 6 felt the need to evaluate usage of the packet and whether to continue this program or not. By even raising the question of whether to continue or not, we received strong feedback that this was a tool that is greatly anticipated and used. Success By 6 have also gotten valuable feedback on ways the packets could be improved and those changes will be implemented in the 2009-2010 year.

What We Did This Last Year

  • Distributed over 500 Transition Packets in Erie County
  • Formed and/or partnered with School Transition Teams in Erie, Corry, Girard, Union City and Wattsburg
  • Began discussions with additional school districts regarding transition